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“Cure the sick. Raise the dead. Cleanse the lepers. Cast out demons.” There’s been a lot of talk this week about reopening churches. The provincial government made an announcement allowing churches to reopen with reduced capacity. Our Anglican bishops in Ontario sent us a pastoral letter advising that “our churches will not be reopening for in-person worship until at least September.” All of which kind of begs the question: what is the church? Two weeks ago we celebrated Pentecost, the gift of the Spirit. Pentecost is often called the birth of the church, and we can understand why. In Luke’s narrative, the Spirit comes upon the disciples gathered in Jerusalem and they are empowered, pou

In the Image of God

Once upon a time, some 3000 years ago, there was a poet who wandered out to look at the night skies. That poet saw the brightness of the moon, and the stars that were too many to count, and she was overcome with awe and wonder at the beauty and the immensity of the heavens above. And as she marveled at the vast beauty of the universe, the poet couldn’t help feeling a bit small and insignificant. Her thoughts were drawn to the Creator who brought everything into being, the one that her people called Yahweh and she asked the question that so many people have asked, in the centuries before and in the ones that followed: Could it be that God really cares about us? Or, in the language of the

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