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Grace for all

How do we get to the world that we imagined last Sunday? A world in which we lift each other up, where all are loved and cared for, where we honour the image of God found in each person? A world which is life-giving, and by that we mean life as the fullest possible expression of what it means to be human, the fullest possible expression of human flourishing. How do we become the people that God created us to be? In the sermon on the mount, Jesus sets out his vision of what it looks like to be fully human, his vision for what he calls the kingdom of God, his vision of what it means to be children of God. The vision laid out in today’s gospel reading is a vision of grace for all. God’s pos

Imagine a World ...

The law is meant to be life-giving. Life-giving for you, and for your neighbour. We don’t always think of law that way. Sometimes it’s like we’ve developed an allergic reaction to words like commandment and obedience that are sprinkled throughout today’s readings. We think of laws as restrictive, necessary perhaps, but more of a restraint than something positive. We associate the law with rules and regulations, with law courts and with our justice system. We hear politicians talk about the rule of law; then we see the RCMP ordered in to arrest people of the Wet’suwet’en nation. But Jesus doesn’t want us to think of Torah, of God’s instructions and commandments, God’s law, using those ima

Who Do You Say I Am?

(A sermon shared with divinity students at Huron College in London) Two questions. Two questions that sound similar at first, but really are very different. “Who do people say that I am?” That’s the first question. “Who do you say that I am?” There’s the second. Similar, but different. Just to get a feel for the difference, let me use myself as an example. If I were to ask you those questions about me, how would you answer? Who do people say that I am? Well, to answer this you might pick up on some of the things that the Dean said when introduced me here today. Mark’s an Anglican priest from Ottawa, he serves at a parish called St. Albans downtown, he's written some books. Maybe you’ve h

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