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To What Truth Do You Belong?

To what truth do you belong? That’s not where we begin on this Sunday that we call the Reign of Christ. But that’s where we’re heading. In our gospel reading, in this trial scene that leads up to the crucifixion, Pilate begins with the king question. “Are you the king of the Jews?” Jesus sidesteps the question. Because the straight answer is both yes and no. Yes, because Jesus is Lord. No, because when Pilate says king he’s talking about power, dominance, might. That’s Pilate’s world. Pilate fights for power. Jesus will not fight for power, he will not order his followers to fight for power. Pilate belongs to a truth. Pilate’s truth is that might is right, that power is the most impo

Beautiful & Broken

Ten days ago I was at our annual Synod with Ron. During a coffee break, near the snacks, a bunch of chairs had been put out. Good idea, but it seemed odd to me that they were all arranged in rows facing the same direction. I mentioned it to Ron, and he told me it reminded him of a sidewalk café in Paris. All the chairs are set up in the same direction, with their backs to the café, facing out onto the street. The idea is that you’re supposed to watch the people as they walk by. That’s what Jesus is doing in the second half of today’s gospel. He’s watching people as they walk by, as they walk around the courtyard of the temple. He’s also teaching his disciples how to watch. And as he

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