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Have You Ever Looked at the Stars?

Have you ever looked at the stars? I mean really looked at the stars, from somewhere totally dark, with no city lights. A place where you can see the heavens in all their splendour. I remember once I was on a boat in the Mediterranean, anchored far from shore. It was a clear night, so I slept in the open on the deck of the boat. And when I woke in the middle of the night, I looked up and I was amazed by the array of stars overhead, filling the sky, all around me, too many to count, breathtaking in their beauty. It was an awesome sight. And my words could easily have been the words of the poet that we read in Psalm 8 this morning: “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers,

God's Favourite Language

Cette semaine je suis allé chez Esther et François, une de nos familles qui vienne de Burundi. Moi, je ne parle que quelques mots de Kirundi, leur langue. Eux, ils commencent à apprendre le français. Alors, c’était un peu difficile, on essayait, mais il faut dire, notre communication était assez limitée - jusqu’au moment que Beatrice et Nadia sont arrivées. Elles parlent Français et Kirundi. Alors en ce moment-là, tout a changé. On parlait, on se posait des questions, on riait. Ça fait du bien d’entendre sa langue maternelle. Isn’t it a great feeling, when someone finally speaks to you in your own language? Maybe you’ve had that feeling, when you were traveling in a foreign land, or

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