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Invitation to Intimacy

Jesus’ final ask, his final prayer, is that we may be one, as he and the Father are one. “As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that they may be one.” Some people when they hear these words, they think about creeds and doctrines. They think that Jesus is calling us all to think the same way, to say the same creeds, to agree about the teachings of the church, to end our doctrinal disagreements and theological in-fighting. Some people when they hear these words, they think about church denominations. About structures and institutions. They think that Jesus is calling us all to be members of the same organization and to negotiate an end to our institutional di

The Coming Disaster?

Imagine something disastrous is about to happen. An asteroid hitting the earth. A great fire. Or maybe the death of someone in the room. Now imagine that you’ve been given the task of explaining to those gathered in the room why this coming disaster is actually a good thing, and why they should be glad that it is happening. That sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? But that’s what Jesus is trying to do in the gospel reading that we just heard. Our reading from John takes us back to the last Supper, to Jesus’ final words to his disciples before his death. They’ve shared a meal. He’s washed their feet. Judas has just gone out into the night to betray him. Jesus has told his friends th

Whose Voice Can You Hear?

In a noisy world, in a sea of voices, whose voice can you pick out of the crowd? Two weeks ago after the service one of the moms was telling me how even when there was lots of noise, even when he was back in the nursery with the door closed, when her baby made the slightest peep, she could hear his voice. In a noisy world, whose voice can you hear? Today on this fourth Sunday of our Easter season we celebrate what is often called Good Shepherd Sunday. Because of this, our readings and prayers for this Sunday talk a lot about sheep. Now I must admit, I’ve always thought that the use of sheep as a metaphor for people like you and me is not the most flattering image that the writers of our

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