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The Sorting

Here we go, one last time. Jesus is in the temple in Jerusalem, with the crowds gathered around him, and he has one last story to tell, the final words of his public ministry. “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of glory” Jesus begins. “And here I am!” That last bit doesn’t get recorded, probably wasn’t said. But it was proclaimed loud and clear. Jesus is the Son of Man who embodies God’s coming in glory to his people, a glory that will be full of surprises. He will sit on the throne, but that throne will be a cross. This isn’t about some future coming, it’s happening now, in the present moment, right before their eyes. Tod

A Midwife for Ordinary Mystics

My new book ReImagine: Preaching in the Present Tense was just released by Wood Lake Publishing. Here's how it begins: Last night there was a shooting. A masked gunman entered a mosque and opened fire killing six people at evening prayer. The attack wasn’t in my hometown, but it wasn’t far away. It was in a place I know well, where friends and family live. There is a feeling of helplessness that comes with such news. I turn on the television. I scan the newspapers. I pray. I go to a vigil. These responses I hold in common with others. But then I open the Bible and turn to the scripture readings that will be read on Sunday. For I am a preacher, and on Sunday the people with whom I gather to

Closed Doors

Stuff matters. I like that. I like living in a world where stuff matters. Where if I put in the extra effort, I can get an A on that paper I’m writing. Where if I’m loving to the people around me, my relationships get better. God created a world where stuff matters, where actions have consequences. God created us in such a way that we can choose, that we can do things, things that have an impact on our relationships with each other and with God. I like that. It gives our lives meaning. It enables us to live lives of purpose. In fact, just imagine what it would be like if stuff didn’t matter. If nothing mattered, if my choices were meaningless and my actions had no impact. Why bot

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