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Up the Mountain

Jesus went up the mountain. Does that remind you of anyone? It’s meant to. It’s meant to remind us of Moses. Matthew in his gospel is presenting Jesus as a new Moses, as the one who will speak God’s words to us. In the book of Exodus, after God has freed the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt, after they have crossed the Red Sea and entered the wilderness, they come to Mount Sinai and they camp there, in front of the mountain. And Moses went up the mountain. But the people were not allowed to go up the mountain. The people stood at a distance, afraid. And when God began to speak from the mountain, they became terrified, and they said to Moses, “Do not let God speak to us or we w

Reed Breaking & Wick Quenching

When I used to play high school football, one of our coaches would go and scout the other teams to determine their strengths and weaknesses. I remember the day before we were scheduled to play Merivale High School, the coach gathered the defence together and he showed us how Merivale’s favourite play worked. The quarterback would fake a lateral to one side, holding the ball high in the air like this, and then he would hand off to the running back on other side. And so during the game the next day, whenever we saw the fake lateral with the ball held high we would swarm the running back on the other side, and we tackled him for a loss almost every time. We had found a weakness, and so we ex

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