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"God with us"?

We don’t read Matthew’s version of the Christmas story as often as we do the more familiar version from the gospel of Luke. Maybe that’s because Matthew’s story, told from the perspective of Joseph, is just too painful. Because even in the midst of the extraordinary, the angels, the dreams, the birth of the Messiah, these verses that we just heard from the gospel of Matthew tell a story of ordinary human pain and suffering. The young husband who finds out that his young wife is pregnant with a child that is not his. The young wife who bears the weight of shame and fear, who faces a broken marriage and uncertain future. Imagine the shattered dreams, the feelings of despair and powerlessn

Can You See It?

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near!” Can you see it? Can you see the kingdom of heaven? God’s kingdom. The future God has promised for us. Can you see it? It’s coming near – can you reach out and touch it? Taste it? Hear it? What is your vision of God’s future? Of our future as the people of God? Isaiah could see it. Isaiah had a vision, a vision of a holy mountain, of God’s holy mountain, with all the people of the earth streaming towards it. “They will not hurt or destroy on all my holy mountain.” Isaiah imagined a complete re-ordering of creation, the wolf living with the lamb, the lion eating straw with the ox, the child playing with the poisonous snake. They wil

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