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Great is your Faithfulness (Community Ministries Sunday)

Today at St. Albans and throughout our Diocese, it’s Community Ministries Sunday. It’s one day each year when we celebrate the work of the five Community Ministries of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa: St. Luke’s Table, The Well, Cornerstone, Ottawa Pastoral Centre, and Centre 454, the one that we’re most familiar with because it is located right here in this church. The Community Ministries support people in need. They confront homelessness, provide meals and housing, offer mental health services and counselling, build community, create places of belonging and so much more. Today is Community Ministries Sunday – but in reality every day is a Community Ministries day. Because these servi

Managers of Injustice

“And his master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly.” In today’s gospel, and in the gospel we’re going to get next week, Jesus talks about money. In fact, Jesus talks about money a lot, especially in the gospel of Luke. Why? Because he knows that how we manage our money has an awful lot to say about our priorities, our values, our relationships and our faith. The parable we just heard is often called the parable of the dishonest manager. But that’s actually a poor translation of the Greek text. A more literal translation would be the ‘manager of injustice’. Because this parable is not so much about honesty as it is about justice. Economic justice. I saw a movi

The Cost of Discipleship

The Cost of Discipleship Not long ago, I picked up a newspaper and was reading a column on climate change. The columnist was lamenting the fact that governments weren’t doing enough to address climate change. And there was a line in the article that caught my attention. She wrote: “and many politicians lack the courage to press the issue of climate change because any serious attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will require sacrifice and change.” What a contrast with today’s gospel. Because unlike the politicians that the newspaper columnist was referring to, Jesus is not afraid to call for sacrifice and change. In fact, the call to discipleship issued by Jesus in the gospel which

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